For Visitors

Many of the buildings of Kallio-Kuninkala have plenty of rooms for conferences, accommodation and eating, for companies and other organizations’ meetings and educational purposes. The warm atmosphere and cozy kitchen provide a unique environment for events and concerts. You can finish a day of education or conferences by relaxing in the traditional sauna at the shore of Lake Tuusula. In the summertime, the Summer Café of Kallio-Kuninkala will serve other visitors as well. We cooperate with the cultural city of Järvenpää, the University of the Arts Helsinki and other operatives, by providing versatile, open-for-all cultural events.

Family Events

Among all other activity, there is space for some family events as well. By our custom for reservations, these events can be confirmed no more than half a year earlier, at most.


Further details on our variety of conference and accommodation spaces you will find on the page Premises. Further information and reservations: Contact information

For the Uniarts Helsinki

The Leonora and Yrjö Paloheimo Foundation builds space for creativity. Creativity requires time, space, and a will to catch a spark. The purpose of our foundation is to provide this space.

We want to improve the Finnish education of the arts and support the growth of young Finnish artists. We carry out this task by providing the Kallio-Kuninkala premises for the use of the Uniarts Helsinki in Järvenpää, in the unique cultural landscape of Lake Tuusula.

We develop spaces for the use of students, teachers, and researchers, where they can feed their creativity and focus within a peaceful environment. We take care of the estate with love – it is like a home to us as well.