Kallio-Kuninkala has various meeting and accommodation facilities in several buildings. The residential and commercial buildings of the former farm and their yards are protected by the Finnish Heritage Agency, so accessibility cannot be implemented in all ways in accordance with current requirements. Ask for more detailed information on accessibility when booking a meeting or accommodation.


Public transport: Bus stops are located on Järvenpääntie next to the Kallio-Kuninkala area. The nearest train stations are Ainola station (approx. 2 km away) and Järvenpää station (approx. 4 km away). Järvenpää station has a taxi rank. There is no taxi rank near the Ainola station.

There are parking spaces near the kallio-Kuninkala buildings and escort traffic can reach the front of the buildings.

Between the buildings there are dirt roads, height differences, stairs and paths. A ramp can be installed on the porch of some buildings upon request. However, due to the difference in the height of the stairs, the access ramp cannot be safely installed in all buildings.


There is an accessible elevator on the stairs of the front door of the main building. The building has thresholds. The building does not have an accessible toilet, or an elevator to the accommodation upstairs.


The concert hall can be accessed through the Navetta access bridge without hindrance. On the ground floor of the barn there is an accessible toilet, which can be accessed via stairs or unhindered from the outside via a walkway. There is no elevator in the building.


A ramp can be installed on the porch of Metsä-Kuninkala.  On the ground floor of the building there are two accommodation rooms and an accessible toilet. The accommodation facilities on the second floor are accessed by stairs. There is no elevator in the building. 


The building has steep stairs at the entrance and accommodation. There is no disabled toilet or elevator in the building.


The entrance porch has steep stairs that are not accessible to the ramp. There is no disabled toilet in the accommodation.