• The Leonora Hall, concert space for 120 people
  • Conference rooms for 60 people
  • Innovation space on the lower floor of the barn, for 60 people
  • Group saunas for men and women


  • Ask for more details about the technical equipment when placing a reservation.


History of the Building

The Barn of Kuninkala was built in 1904, in accordance with Yrjö Sadeniemi’s plan to fit 32 cows and five horses into it. The upper floor functioned as a hayloft. The barn held livestock until 1965, but in 1994-1995 it was renovated, and a multipurpose space was built in its place for the use of the Sibelius Academy. The barn’s upper loft was transformed into a high-quality recording studio and a concert hall, named Leonora Hall after one of the foundation’s founders. A multipurpose room and sauna are located on the lower floor, renovated with the barn’s original foundations kept intact. This careful design was overseen by a member of the Paloheimo family, interior designer Outi Lepäntalo. The project was completed in January 1995, and its designer was rewarded with official recognition of the “Wood Award” in 1996.