We aim to work responsibly and strengthen our sustainable development in the present and the future. In the Kallio-Kuninkala kitchen we provide delicious vegetarian and organic food produced in the near vicinity, we recycle our waste, and follow Motiva’s suggestions for interior temperatures. In all our operations we use ecologic electricity produced by Nordic wind power. With the help of the EcoCompass Environmental Management System, we develop our operations comprehensively in a sustainable way.

EkoCompass Certicate in 2020

The Leonora and Yrjö Paloheimo Foundation began developing an Environmental Management Program for the Kallio-Kuninkala estate around ten years ago. During years of persistent work, they recognized and marked down their most notable impacts on the environment and have been working since to decrease the environmental stress. In 2020, the foundation produced a comprehensive Environmental Management Program, which meets the expectations of the goals and procedures of the EcoCompass Certificate.

Clean Food

The Kallio-Kuninkala kitchen prepares meals with an inclination towards organic Finnish ingredients. We procure organic products such as juices, jams, muesli, sour products, grains and meat directly from the producers. The use of locally produced food is constantly increased within the limits of availability. You can easily taste the Muscovado whole cane sugar in our cinnamon rolls and the Himalayan salt in our savory meals. With our grain mill, we grind organic grain by hand for our porridge every morning, and it is a well-anticipated breakfast favorite to many of our guests!

The Kallio-Kuninkala kitchen takes part in the Portaat Luomuun -program, in which it has achieved the second highest level.

Ecologically Labelled Electricity

In Kallio-Kuninkala, all our work uses electricity with the EKOenergy label. The electricity we use is produced with wind power in the Nordic countries.