Kallio-Kuninkala, the Järvenpää Unit of Uniarts Helsinki is part of the lively and culturally rich town of Järvenpää, which provides an inspiring environment for activities related to arts, research, and learning. Kallio-Kuninkala is built for the requirements of the University of the Arts Helsinki, but its premises can be used for a large variety of purposes. The stunning environment, cozy kitchen and warm atmosphere all provide a unique setting for any event.

The Leonora and Yrjö Paloheimo Foundation has cooperated with the Sibelius Academy and with the town of Järvenpää since 1986. The foundation maintains and develops its premises to support the meeting of arts, and to respond to the needs of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

The Cultural Landscape of Lake Tuusula

Together with the premises of Ainola, Ahola, Suviranta and Tuusulan Rantatie, the estate of Kallio-Kuninkala forms a nationally unique cultural space. The Leonora and Yrjö Paloheimo Foundation actively nurtures the cultural legacy of old Tuusula within Kallio-Kuninkala. The Kuninkala fields, as well as the views to Lake Tuusula and the area’s cultural landscape are all protected and preserved for future generations.

Food and Kitchens

In Kallio-Kuninkala, meals are available throughout the day, from morning to evening. Our products are made by hand from the beginning, favoring quality organic ingredients produced in Finland. We utilize the Kallio-Kuninkala garden for its apples, berries, rhubarb, and herbs by their availability. Ethicalness and the values of sustainability guide our choices and actions all the way from the procurement chains.

The Kallio-Kuninkala kitchen is also involved in the Finnish Portaat Luomuun programme, in which it has achieved the second highest level. Vegetarian food, locally procured fish and fresh vegetables make up the core of our food production. For our baked goods, we use self-ground flour made of organic wheat, whole cane sugar and Finnish berries.

The Garden

The Kallio-Kuninkala garden provides a relaxing environment for conferences and education; you can stop anywhere and listen to birdsong while admiring the surrounding nature, plant life and the garden’s beautiful apple trees. The most sharp-eyed individuals may also find little footprint paths left by rabbits, deer, and other forest animals in the garden and nearby areas.

During summer, the grassy ground of the garden is a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the Summer Café´s treats and the scenery of Lake Tuusula.